Out My Write Mind™ My Journey of Therapeutic Journal Writing

I am a Writer. I think I must’ve been a scribe in a previous life. I write all types of everything. Everything I experience becomes a writing prompt. ~ Out My Write Mind

The meaning of my name, articles, poetry, prose, research papers, essays, TV commercials and print ads, captions, press releases, sections of grants, health insurance communications, annual/business reports, bios, obituaries, visions and dream premonitions, love letters, prayers, apology letters, episodes of depression, tragedies, forgiveness letters, plans for my spiritual path, plans for my and my daughter’s future, life’s milestones, joyful and parent-child moments, naughty secrets, scripts for difficult conversations and job interviews, numerology charts, feelings about single parenthood, grief and losses, Friend of the Court notes, cognitive writing activities, letters to Money, my life as a Detroiter and granddaughter of Civil Rights and Women’s Rights and the Blacks’ migration from plantations to plants…I’ve damn near written in all formats. This blog is a first. Let’s see how this goes.

Whether financially, spiritually or creatively, writing sustains me. Writing is my life. Writing saved my life.

Out My Write Mind (OMWM) started in 2010 as Facebook posts to relieve myself of the goings on in my mind that were building like a pressure cooker. Like journal writing that I’ve done since high school, writing in the World Wide Web’s open space has been therapeutic. Some have said that I’m crazy and out my mind to reveal such intimate thoughts, especially when posting about depression and suicidal ideations. Not that I wanted to commit the deadly deed: I simply wanted to stop the maddening series of life traumas and troubles I was experiencing. What I call my my “Job Moment.

As a result of a series of material and family losses, like Job in the Bible, I’d plummeted into a severe depression after losing my job in 2009 (as a Communications Specialist/Writer…wow…right?), then my car, then my house, then three relatives while I was still grieving my father’s and grandfather’s deaths that occurred 2007.  I wanted to stop existing from Life in the same way my dad, loved ones, job and home stopped existing for me. I welcomed the darkness and slipped into it. And, I’m glad for it. I stopped fighting the depression and learned to sit still so I could reboot and refresh. No longer a Job Moment, I referred to the state of depression as my Womb and conceived Out My Write Mind.

I’ve often said, “Facebook saved my life.” It gave me another space to communicate publicly. I’d grown tired of performing spoken word, which I’ve done sporadically since 1994. OMWM gave me a Purpose and boosted my writing esteem. I will unashamedly admit that “likes” from friends, family, and even FBFs I’d never met, profited me emotionally, especially after losing my job as a Writer. I was really devastated by that loss.

What I hadn’t expected was that OMWM would inspire and comfort so many other people. Many have inboxed me to thank or applaud me for sharing real, non-cliche´ and relatable experiences and insights about chronic depression, stress, grief and anxiety — and confusion. My Job Moment mirrored a lot of lives shaken up from this recent economic depression as if experiencing PTSD after an earthquake. For many of us, the floor did crumble where we stood. The “security” of our homes, jobs, pensions, savings and all that identified Self were grave losses that we’re struggling to recover from. Some pray themselves through their struggles…I write.

I also didn’t expect  Christopher Rutherford and Uri House, President and Board Member of Broadside Press, to invite me to post OMWM onto Broadside’s website. I am forever honored, humbled and grateful to be an extension of Broadside’s legacy and to continue my journey as a Writer. I’ll forever be amazed about this writing adventure.

During our first official meeting, I asked Chris what inspired him to do so. He said it was because I reflect what Broadside has always been about, “uplifting our voice…and telling stories of the human condition.” So, tell of the human condition and lift my voice I will.

OMWM will feature various forms of writing: my personal therapeutic journal entries, news and reviews, poetry and prose, prayers, commentary, journal writing how-tos and inspiring  — and sometimes wild and crazy — Out My Write Mind thoughts about depression, mental health and wellness and Detroit sustainability.

Writing has always sustained me financially, spiritually and mentally. Now, I share my passion with you. Please join me by posting your comments, advice, news and a journal writing meet-up soon.

I’d like to extend my deep and humble gratitude to my literary midwives:

C. Imani Williams, my Sissy for life. You are the big sister I’ve always wanted.

Charlene “Hustle Diva” Green, my Writing and Life Coach and dear friend. I’ll always be your Aural Sasss.

Adela Nieves, my sister in healing arts and co-builder of some cool intentional communities.

Ber-Henda Williams, my cheerleader, sister poet and marketing maven. The Power of Girlhood begins with women like you.

My beautiful daughter Arian who I hope to grow up to be, creative, beautiful, sassy, savvy and wise. You’re going places Butterfly. Spread your wings…it’s time to fly!


Reshounn “Sun” Foster